Marianne Whiting

 I was born in Sweden and grew up on stories about Vikings their daring raids and brave deeds. I subscribe to the view that the Vikings were mainly traders and explorers but I'm willing to concede that in violent times they were perhaps a bit more enthusiastic fighters than most.

I arrived in England in 1973 to do a one-year course at Birmingham University. I'm still here and still married to the man who made me miss the boat home. I taught Humanities in Leicestershire High Schools before escaping to run a study support programme and then set up a Surestart Children's Centre in Leicester.

I'm a member of Leicester Writers' Club and of the Historical Novels Society. 

Shieldmaiden is likely to be the first in a trilogy about Sigrid Kveldulfsdaughter a Viking  warrior woman from Cumbria.

My first novel is called Modern Knights Don't Wear Armour. It is set in Birmingham in the early 1970's and is, as yet, unpublished.

Some of my poetry  has appeared in anthologies and magazines. 

My hobbies include travel, walking, cycling and gardening but best of all I like Vikings and I am committed to promoting their cuddly side. Oh yes, they have!



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