Marianne Whiting

 I was born in Sweden and grew up on stories about Vikings their daring raids and brave deeds. I subscribe to the view that the Vikings were mainly traders and explorers but I'm willing to concede that in violent times they were perhaps a bit more enthusiastic fighters than most.

I arrived in England in 1973 to do a one-year course at Birmingham University. I'm still here and still married to the man who made me miss the boat home. I taught Humanities in Leicestershire High Schools before escaping to run a study support programme and then set up a Surestart Children's Centre in Leicester.

I'm a member of Leicester Writers' Club and of the Historical Novels Society. The banner above shows award-winners at the Leicester Writers' Club annual dinner 2016.

Shieldmaiden is the first in a trilogy about Sigrid Kveldulfsdaughter a Viking  warrior woman from Cumbria. It was self-published by Matador in 2012. It was awarded a bursary in the East Midland Arts Mentoring Scheme 2012 and longlisted for the Rubery International Book Award 2013.

               Re-published by Accent Press in December 2016 followed in 2017 by volume 2 

 To Save a Kingdom and  volume 3 Honour Is All.

My first novel is called Modern Knights Don't Wear Armour. It is set in Birmingham in the early 1970's and is, as yet, unpublished. It won a place in the East Midland Free Read Scheme 2007/08.

Some of my poetry  has appeared in anthologies and magazines. 

I travel round giving talks such as 'Britons, Saxons, Vikings - Who Are the English?' and 'Shieldmaidens and Other Warrior Women.'

My hobbies include travel, walking, cycling and gardening but best of all I like Vikings and I am committed to promoting their cuddly side. Oh yes, they have!



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