A Climbing Guide for Women


A climbing guide for women.



Find yourself a mountain

that no woman has climbed before,

a worthwhile mountain, not too high

but high enough to matter.


There must be grassy slopes and shady woodland,

tall trees to whisper encouragement

because there is little excitement and few rewards

during the long, hard walk-in


There will be streams to cross,

perhaps with stones set out

like rungs on a ladder, even a bridge

but that could be seen as cheating.


Then you reach the exciting bit,

the rocks and crags and boulder fields.

Your efforts are rewarded with the view

and cool water to sooth the weary


before the final push for the top,

where the competition is fierce,

the environment hostile and

the smallest mistake can be fatal.


Please don't turn round now

to look at the comfort on the valley floor.

Ignore the fallen along the route and climb,

climb on because now you climb for us all.



Marianne Whiting





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